What i learned from them.

I’ve learned to guard my heart from the start
Lest i risk it torn apart
And that total surrender is a forgotten art.

I’ve learned that giving one’s all predisposes a fall
Exposing the heart risks it mauled
And that you are tripped when you walk, kicked when you crawl.

I’ve learned not to trust their spoken gusts
That promises unwrapped quickly decay and rust
That fear and apathy blanket their psyches like dust.

I’ve learned to be self-contained to avoid the pain
Minimizing sharing, minimizes drain
And that pearls cast before swine are pearls cast in vain.

Yet there is a friend faithful to the end
Your wounds He will tend, your hurts He will mend
Your enigmatic idiosyncrasies comprehend

Adversity’s the gale that sets wind to His sail
A love eternal that will never fail
Not bound by limitations that makes men so frail

Why do i allow my seeds to be choked by their weeds?
When i’ve learned it is He who supplies all my need
Lord, help me to unlearn them and learn you i plead.

Annette M. Parrott