Science Education Organizations:
NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
NABT (National Associtaion of Biology Teachers)
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
NWF (National Wildlife Federation)
AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching)
Tools for Teachers:

Biological Processes
How Cells Divide (Mitosis vs Meiosis, side by side)
Instructional Multimedia (Biology Animations)
Mitosis & Meiosis to Jazz
NHC Science Animations, Tutorials & Interactive Links
Horton High School Animations     

Ask An Expert:
Pitsco's Ask an Expert
Science Buddies AAE
Homework Planet AAE
Homework Spot AAE
Science & Technology AAE

Assessments, Tests & Quizzes:                  
Teachers, make online quizzes at:
Biology Regents Exam Ques             
Biology Regents Tests  
ZeroBio Quizzes                 

Genetics Traits Activity: Database
NCBI: Entrez Gene, PubMed NCBI News

Downloadable/Print Resources:
Graphic Organizers
NOVA Video Teachers Guides
ProTeacher Graphic Organizers
Water Sourcebooks from the EPA
Your World: Biotechnology & You  

Biology Reviews
Biology Corner Worksheets  

Lesson Plans:
Access Excellence
Busy Teachers Website
Carbon Cycle Activities
ChemCards: Hyper Card Stacks
Evolution & Nature of Science
Evolution, NOS, Origins of Life, DNA Lessons
Genetics: Activities and Instructional Materials
GSLC: Genetics Learning Activities
HGP: Educational Resources
Magic Bullets: Chemistry vs. Cancer
NCBI: Genes & Disease
Science Net Links

Biology Web Site References
Biology Zone: (Kim Foglia's Page)
National & Local Science Standards:
NSES (National Science Education Standards)
Georgia Learning Connections
Student Pages:
Parent Pages:
Lakeside High School
The Zooary write-up in ENC
Music and Humor in the Classroom:
Links to Science Songs                              Greg's Science Song Center                      Lyrics & Tunes
Science Karaoke                                        Songs for Teaching
Popular Music Midis                                  Children Songs Midis                                Disco Midis
Songs for Learning Life Sciences                Songs for Teaching Website                     NIEHS Sing Alongs
Nature Sound Effects Archive                     Simply the Best Nature Sounds                 Bioluminescence Song
Science Songs Sung to Common Tunes       Science & Nature Music for Purchase       Jokes & Science  
MY Lesson Plans, Activities & Rubrics:
Organic Compounds Rubric                                            Green Medicine Lesson
Science Careers Rubric                                                   Acknowledging Annelids Lab
Abnormal Amphibians Lesson                                          African American Scientists Project
Biomes Power Point Rubric                                             Antlion Activities Lab
Biology PPT Lesson Rubrics
DNA Model Rubric                                                         Environmental Needs of Earthworms Lab
Estimating Cricket Populations Lab                                   Coral Reef Scavenger Hunt Lesson
Endangered Species Presentation                                      From DNA to Disorder PPT Rubric
Smog Lesson                                                                 Invertebrate Animal Debate Rubirc
The Lorax Projects                                                         Why Biodiversity? Lesson
Cell Analogy Rubric                                                        Food Web Menu Activity
Cell Catalogue Rubric                                        
Human Systems Rubric
Systems Magazine Rubric                                               Insect Olympians Lab
Animal Booklet Rubric                                                    AP Animal Booklet Rubric
Owl Pellet Lab
Ozone Portfolio
Public Service Announcement Rubric
Biome Brochure Project
Virus Poster & Model Rubric
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yahoo Video search -->then type in search topic :life sci. digital movies & other subjec
Animated Primer: DNA, Genes,Heredity
Annenberg Video Resources
Antlion Pit   
Biology VIdeos (Roger Bacon)
BioTech Lab Procedures
Bio Movies & Media Resources-Mr. Hata's
Cells Alive
Cell Biology Media and Interactive Activities   
Chemistry Comes Alive
Conoco Phillips Videos & Teaching Guides
Entomolgy Images: IOwa State
Evolutionary Videos from PBS
LifeSign:Animals Biochem DNAandCellBio LabSafety
LabTech Medicine Microbio Microscopy Plants
Microscope Imaging Station
Nature Video Database   
Plants in Motion  
Pond Life Digital Videos
Protist Movies
Instructional Multimedia (Biology Videos)
What is... DNA?,  a gene?, a chromosome? , What is
inheritance , What is a protein? , What is mitosis/meiosis?
National Geographic: Videos in the News
NOVA ScienceNow Segments (Searchable)
NOVA Videos: Anthropology/Archeology, Chem, Earth
Sci, Forensics,Health Sci,Life Sci, Oceanography,
Paleontology,Physics,Space Sci,Technology/Engineering
Science Clips (Ages 4-11)

ER Sim Game
The Mystery Spot

Global Classrooms:
Population Genetics

Virtual Labs:
BioInteractive (HHMI: Bactieral ID LAb, Transgenic Fly
Biology Labs Online (Measurement  , Sci Method , Organic
Mol, Cells and Membranes , Respiration, Cell Cycle, Genetics,
DNA, Electrophoresis, Plants , Evolution , Animals)
DNA Fingerprinting Lab
Lab Bench Activities: Diffusion & Osmosis, Enzyme
Catalysis, Mitosis & Meiosis, Plant Pigments &
Photosynthesis, Cell Respiration, Molecular Biology   Lab 7:
Genetics of Organisms, Population Genetics, Transpiration,
Circulatory Physiology, Animal Behavior, Dissolved Oxygen
Organic Compounds Lab
Virtual Microscopy
Virtual Dissection  (correctly pronounced
dis-(short "i" as in "in"- section)
Virtual Crayfish Dissection
Virtual Earthworm Dissection
Virtual Frog Dissection
Virtual Pig Dissection
Virtual Squid Dissection
A bunch of other dissections...
And even
more dissections...

Virtual Field Trips:
Amazon, A Virtual Expedition   
Biology in Belize (my work in progress)  
Galapagos Islands  
Virtual Field Trips (teacher resources)