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This website is an accumulation of my science teaching resources for the past 15+ years. I am a terrible organizer of hardcopies, so have started to save my teaching documents online. Feel free to use them to enhance the learning of your students. The majority of the worksheets and resources are Biology and Environmental Science, since that is what I have been assigned to teach/develop most often. Check the student pages for additional materials not listed here.
Science Education Organizations

Science Education Organizations

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

NWF (National Wildlife Federation)


NRC (National Research Council)


NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers)

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)


NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching)


GSTA (Georgia Science Teachers Association)



Standards & Benchmarks


Standards & Benchmarks

Local Science Standards


National Science Standards

GLC (Georgia Learning Connections)

Georgia Department of Education


NSES (National Science Education Standards)


GPS (Georgia Performance Standards Science)







Music & Humor in the Classroom


Music & Humor in the Classroom

Music Alone

Lyrics Alone

Music & Lyrics


  Popular Music Midi Files

  Nature Sound Effects Archive

  Kiddie Songs Midis

  Disco Midis

  Simply the Best Nature Sounds     



    Songs for Learning Life Sciences  

    Science Songs Sung to Common Tunes  

    Dr. Chordates Songs

    Virginia K-5 Songs

    Physics Songs


    Teacher & Rockbots Lyrics, Riddles and answers



      Biology Karaoke

      Greg Crowther Science Songs

      NIEHS Sing Alongs

      Bioluminescence Song ††

      How to Make Science Karaoke

      Science Court

      Dr. Pís Biology Karaoke for DOWNLOAD!

      Songs for Teaching (For Sale)

      Science & Nature Music(for sale)


  Jokes & Science  

  Science Humor

  Science Jokes (by topic)

  Beguiling Ideas About Science

  Science Cartoons Plus

  Science Perspective Cartoons (Nearingzero.com)

  Chemistry Cartoons

  Physics & Astronomy Fun


Additional Links

List of Resources for Music & Humor in the Science Classroom







Environmental Science

Environmental Science


My Assignments & Rubrics

Animations & Movies

Online Resources

Virtual Labs & Activities

Air/ Atmosphere

Smog City

     Biodiversity: Wild About Life

     Danteís Peak Video Questions

     Greenhouse Effect

Science of Ozone Depletion

Earthís Precious Atmosphere

    Atmospheric Properties

    Air Pollution Allowance Trading

    Air Pollution Chemistry

    Astro Venture


Endangered Species Activity

Biodiversity WebQuest





1 Biome Project

1 Biome Project Template

8 Biomes Project


Biomes & Climate

World Biomes



Alphabet Careers




Cycles (biogeochemical)

Water Cycle GIZMO

Water Cycle Take Home Lab

Cycles WebQuest


Captain Carbon ThinkQuest

    Carbon Cycle Labs

    Carbon Cycle Game

    Carbon Cycle Game 2



Eco Column

     Global Mind Shift: All is One


    Examining Stages in Ecological Succession

    A Walk in the Woods



     Global Energy Balance


    Energy & Recycling

    Energy Transformations

    Appliance Explosion

Food Chain

Food Web Menu

Collecting Decomposers

Food Chain GIZMO

Mushroom Dissection

Owl Pellet Lab


Food Chains & Webs

    Eating at a Lower Trophic Level

    Lesson of the Kaibab

    Deer Predation or Starvation

History of Environmental Science & Human Impacts on the Environment


Public Service Commercial


Environmental Movement Timeline

Important Events in the History of Mankind

Ecology Hall of Fame:




Individual Accountability

Whatís Wrong with this Picture?




    Calculating your Carbon Footprint

Land/ Lithosphere

NPK Questions

Recycle City

     Harvest of Fear (GM Crops)


Soil Use, Sustainability & Conservation

Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers



A Chronology of Undersea Exploration Game

Reef Relief Coral Reef WebQuest

Coral Reef WebQuest2 1



    Effects of Oil Spills on Birds





    Random Sampling

    Estimating Population Size

    Graphing Human Population

    Interpreting Ecological Data

Searchable/ MISC


     Natíl Geog: Videos in the News

     Nature Database

     The Futures Channel

     NOVA Teacherís Guides

     NHC Science Animations, Tutorials & Interactive Links

Pollution Page

    Busy Teacherís Website

    Earth System Module


Ice Age Questions

Princess Mononoke Questions

Finding Nemo







Household Hazardous Waste Mapper

Municipal Solid Wastes

    Defining Hazardous Wastes

Water/ Hydro-sphere

Coral Reef WebQuest1

Coral Reef Web Quest 2


Water Conservation Meter

Clean Water for the 21st Century

Earth System Science Lessons

Water Pollution Guide

    An Undersea Chronology of Exploration



Online Assessments

Online Assessments

Ecosystems Quiz:


Principles of Ecology:


Population Biology:


Interactions of Living Things:


EPA Water Cycle Quiz:


EPA Global Warming Quiz:


EPA Carbon Cycle Quiz:


Cycles Quiz:


Populations Biology:


Populations Ecology:


More Population Ecology:


Conserving Resources Quiz:


Origin & Distribution of Communities:


Communities & Biomes:


Biomes Quiz:


Coral Reef Quiz:


Dynamics of Ecosystems:


Interactions of Living Things:


Ecosystems How They Change TF:


Ecosystems How They Change MC:


Humans and the Environment:


Economics, Public Policy and Environment T/F Quiz:


Economics, Public Policy and Environment M/C Quiz:


Water Pollution Quiz:


Water Cycle Quiz:


Water Cycle Quiz 2:


Hydrologic Cycle Quiz:


Water Pollution & Its Prevention TF:


Water Pollution & Its Prevention MC:


Planet Ocean Quiz:


The Great American Ocean Quiz:


Oceans Quiz:


Trash Quiz:


Soils for School:


Land Quiz:


Agricultural Soil Quiz:


Biodiversity 911 Soils:


Global Warming Quiz:


Global Warming Quiz 2:


Earthís Atmosphere:


Atmosphere Quiz:


National Weather Service Quiz:


What is Air Pollution:


Air Pollution Quiz:


Air Pollution Quiz 2:


Air Pollution and You:


Conserving Life Quiz:


Forestry/Biodiversity Quiz:


Biological Diversity and Conservation:


Endangered Species Quiz:


Conserving Energy Quiz:


Energy Quiz:


Types of Energy Quiz:


Environment Quiz:


Renewable Energy Quiz:


Energy Gap Fill Quiz:


Energy Kids Page:


Additional Links

Env Sci Agencies


       Environmental Education for Kids

       Environmental Literacy Council

       Environmental Protection Agency


Env Sci Texts


   Holt Environmental Science Textbook

   NYS Regents Prep Living Environment

Lorax Links



         The Lorax & Sustainable Development

        The Lorax Save the Trees Game

Earth Day



April Resources

AP Env Sci




    Ecology Labs

    Environment & Ecology Labs

    Environmental Science & Ecology Labs

    Environmental Literacy Council Labs & Activities

    Ridgefield APES Labs


Online Assessments & Answers


Online Assessments & Answers

Biology Regents Exam Questions


Biology Regents Tests   

Hargettís Notes & Review


Practice Quizzes


Additional Links

Biology References


My Other Science Pages

AP Biology Resources (see also AP Biology student page)

Games & PPT Templates

      Biology Web Site References

      High School ACE Science Resources

      Science PPT Presentations

      Biology PPT Lectures

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      Ask An Expert & Homework Help


      Alternative Strategies for Science Teaching & Assessment

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