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This website is an accumulation of my science teaching resources for the past 15+ years. I am a terrible organizer of hardcopies, so have started to save my teaching documents online. Feel free to use them to enhance the learning of your students. The majority of the worksheets and resources are Biology and Environmental Science, since that is what I have been assigned to teach/develop most often. Check the student pages for additional materials not listed here.
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Science Education Organizations

Science Education Organizations

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

NWF (National Wildlife Federation)


NRC (National Research Council)


NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers)

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)


NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching)


GSTA (Georgia Science Teachers Association)



Standards & Benchmarks


Standards & Benchmarks

Local Science Standards


National Science Standards

GLC (Georgia Learning Connections)

Georgia Department of Education


NSES (National Science Education Standards)


GPS (Georgia Performance Standards Science)







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Music & Humor in the Classroom


Music & Humor in the Classroom

Music Alone

Lyrics Alone

Music & Lyrics


·  Popular Music Midi Files

·  Nature Sound Effects Archive

·  Kiddie Songs Midis

·  Disco Midis

·  Simply the Best Nature Sounds     



·    Songs for Learning Life Sciences  

·    Science Songs Sung to Common Tunes  

·    Dr. Chordates Songs

·    Virginia K-5 Songs

·    Physics Songs

·    PhysicsSongs.org

·    Teacher & Rockbots Lyrics, Riddles and answers



·      Biology Karaoke

·      Greg Crowther Science Songs

·      NIEHS Sing Alongs

·      Bioluminescence Song   

·      How to Make Science Karaoke

·      Science Court

·      Dr. P’s Biology Karaoke for DOWNLOAD!

·      Songs for Teaching (For Sale)

·      Science & Nature Music   (for sale)


·  Jokes & Science  

·  Science Humor

·  Science Jokes (by topic)

·  Beguiling Ideas About Science

·  Science Cartoons Plus

·  Science Perspective Cartoons (Nearingzero.com)

·  Chemistry Cartoons

·  Physics & Astronomy Fun


Additional Links

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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology


Animations & Movies

Virtual Labs & Lab Handouts



·  Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry



Circulatory System

·  Blood Flow:

·  Interactive Heart

·  Cardiovascular

·  Affairs of the Heart

·    Cardiology Lab

·    Circulatory System Lab


·  Cardiovascular System

·  Blood Typing:

·  Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases

·  Interactive Circulatory System

Digestive System

·  Obesity

·  Dying to be Thin


·  Fat Digestion & Bile

·  Interactive Digestive System

Endocrine/ Exocrine Systems



·  Endocrine System: Thyroid Gland


Immune System

·  Immunology

·  The Bloody Characters of Specific Immunity

·    Immunology Lab

·  Introduction to Immunology:


·  Video Tutorials:

·  NHC Science Animations, Tutorials & Interactive Links
Horton High School Animations     

·   Scientific American Frontiers: Body Building

·  Human Atlas Disease Videos


·    Guided Tour of Visible Human

·  The Virtual Body:

·  Science & Nature: Human Body & Mind (Interactive Body)

Musco-Skeletal System

·  Tissue Tutorial

·  Bone Quizzes


·    Muscle Lab

·    Skeletal Lab

·    Integumentary System Lab

·    Skeletal System Lab

·  Daily Skeletal Practice Quizzes:

·  Master Muscle List:

·  Clothespins & Muscle Fatigue

·  Interactive Skeleton

·  Muscles in Action

Nervous System

·  Neuroscience

·  Sleep

·  Mirror Neurons

·    Neurophysiology Lab

·  Neuroscience tutorial:

·  Hearing & Seeing: Models for Thought

·  The Nose Knows

·  Neuroscience for Kids

·  Sensory Physiology Labs

Repro-ductive System

·  Life’s Greatest Miracle


·  What Happens in the First 9 Months?

Respi-ratory System

·  Pandemic Flu

·  1918 Flu



Urinary System



·  Urine Concentration: 3 Essential Steps





Online Assessments

Hargett’s Notes & Review


UW/L A/P Self Tests

Anatomy Lesson Practice Examinations:

Tests in Anatomy:



Interactive Anatomy & Physiology:

Get Body Smart:


Web Anatomy: (self tests, time tests, multiplayer games)

Additional Links

Online Tutorials

Further Resources

Other Teacher A&P Pages

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·    Human Anatomy Online

·    Get Body Smart

·    Interactive Atlas 

·    LUMEN Learn’Em:

·    The Anatomy Lesson:

·    An Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology:

·   Human Biodyssey

·   A&P McGraw Hill Study Partner

·   A&P Tutoring Links


·  NHC Anatomy & Physiology I links:

·  NHC Anatomy & Physiology II links:

·  Structure of the Human Body:

·  Anatomy on the Internet:

·  Human A&P Resources

·  The Human Body: Body Systems

·  Gray’s Anatomy

·  McGraw Hill Online Textbook


·  Mr. Lazaroff’s Resources


·  Randi Martin’s Human A&P




Bizarre Anatomy:




Online Assessments & Answers


Online Assessments & Answers

Biology Regents Exam Questions


Biology Regents Tests   

Hargett’s Notes & Review


Practice Quizzes


Additional Links

Biology References


My Other Science Pages

AP Biology Resources (see also AP Biology student page)

Games & PPT Templates

·      Biology Web Site References

·      High School ACE Science Resources

·      Science PPT Presentations

·      Biology PPT Lectures

·      More Bio PPTs

·      Ask An Expert & Homework Help


·      Alternative Strategies for Science Teaching & Assessment

·      Science Fair Websites

·   My Environmental Science Teacher Page

·   My Anatomy & Physiology Teacher Page

·   My Chemistry Teacher Page

·   My Physics/Physical Science Teacher Page

·      Stoneleigh-Burnham

·      Kim Foglia’s AP Bio

·      N. Warren Regional H.S.

·      Massengale

·      Bruce Faitsch

·      LABS



·      PPT Activity Templates

·      Jeopardy Games & Templates



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