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This website is an accumulation of my science teaching resources for the past 15+ years. I am a terrible organizer of hardcopies, so have started to save my teaching documents online. Feel free to use them to enhance the learning of your students. The majority of the worksheets and resources are Biology and Environmental Science, since that is what I have been assigned to teach/develop most often. Check the student pages for additional materials not listed here.
Science Education Organizations

Science Education Organizations

NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

NWF (National Wildlife Federation)


NRC (National Research Council)


NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers)

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)


NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching)


GSTA (Georgia Science Teachers Association)



Standards & Benchmarks


Standards & Benchmarks

Local Science Standards


National Science Standards

GLC (Georgia Learning Connections)

Georgia Department of Education


NSES (National Science Education Standards)


GPS (Georgia Performance Standards Science)







Music & Humor in the Classroom


Music & Humor in the Classroom

Music Alone

Lyrics Alone

Music & Lyrics


  Popular Music Midi Files

  Nature Sound Effects Archive

  Kiddie Songs Midis

  Disco Midis

  Simply the Best Nature Sounds     



    Songs for Learning Life Sciences  

    Science Songs Sung to Common Tunes  

    Dr. Chordates Songs

    Virginia K-5 Songs

    Physics Songs


    Teacher & Rockbots Lyrics, Riddles and answers



      Biology Karaoke

      Greg Crowther Science Songs

      NIEHS Sing Alongs

      Bioluminescence Song ††

      How to Make Science Karaoke

      Science Court

      Dr. Pís Biology Karaoke for DOWNLOAD!

      Songs for Teaching (For Sale)

      Science & Nature Music(for sale)


  Jokes & Science  

  Science Humor

  Science Jokes (by topic)

  Beguiling Ideas About Science

  Science Cartoons Plus

  Science Perspective Cartoons (Nearingzero.com)

  Chemistry Cartoons

  Physics & Astronomy Fun


Additional Links

List of Resources for Music & Humor in the Science Classroom










My Assignments††† & Rubrics

Animations & Movies

Virtual Labs




   My First Animal Book





   ZeroBio Dissections

   Virtual Cat Diss

   Virtual Clam Diss

   Virtual Cockroach

   Virtual Crayfish D

   Virtual Frog Diss.

   Virtual Frog 2

   Virtual Fetal Pig D

   Virtual Squid Diss

Squid Dissection & Calamari

Animal Kingdom References

7th & 8th Grade Animal Science Site


   Bacteria Model & Poster Project

   Virus Bacteria Venn

   Intro to Bacteria Lab

   Collecting Bacteria Lab

BioMedia Biology of Bacteria Video Questions


   Bacterial Identification


Access Excellence Mysteries

MedMyst Mission games

How Clean is Your Mouth?

Microscopy on the Web

Amateur Microbiologist Labs


   Organic Compound Project

   Respiration/ Photosynthesis Survey project

   Respiration/Photosynthesis Project 

   Respiration/Photosynthesis Chart


   Organic Compounds Lab

   AP Enzyme Catalysis





   Alphabet Careers

Career Center





Cell Cycle & Reproduction


Cell Biology & Cancer

Cancer Warriors

How Cells Divide (Mitosis vs Meiosis, side by side)

Mitosis & Meiosis to Jazz

Cancer Animations

   AP Mitosis & Meiosis

   Onion Root Tip Lab


Magic Bullets: Chemistry vs. Cancer

Cell Biology & Cancer



   Domain/ Kingdom Helpful Harmful Project



Dichotomous Key


Cytology & Cellular Transport

   Cell Analogy Project

   Who Really Cares About Cells Research

   To Sex or Not to Sex Debate Rubric

   Cell Structure & Function WS

Cells Alive

Cell Biology Media and Interactive Activities

Microscope Imaging Station


   Virtual Microscopy



My Assignments & Rubrics

Animations & Movies

Virtual Labs



   Coral Reef Web Quest

   Coral Reef WebQuest 2

   Abyss Game

The Virtual Ocean (microscopy)


                     Watershed Game

                     Clean Water for the 21st Century

Molecular Biology

   BLAST Those Genes

   Who Really Cares About DNA Research

   Genetic Engineering Poster

   Chromosome Morphology

   DNA Fingerprinting

Cancer Warriors

DNA From the Beginning

GATACA Movie Questions

Cracking the Code of Life Video Questions

Murder Rape & DNA Video Questions

DNA Animations

  DNA Fingerprinting Lab

  AP Molecular Biology

  DNA Workshop


                     DNA iNTERACTIVE

                     DNA Fingerprinting

                     DNA Experiments

                     Gel Electrophoresis Simulation

                     Understanding the Human Genome Project


   Photosynthesis Lab  

   Photosynthesis/Respiration Venn 

   Great Plant Escape WebQuest

   Plant Classification Quiz

   Fast Plant Growth Log

   Plant Diagrams

   Transpiration Lab

   Plant Scavenger Hunt


Instructional Multimedia Life Cycles


  AP Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis

  AP Cell Respiration

  Grass Sock Head

  Growing Moss

  Plant Design & Function

  Effects of Light Intensity & Wavelength on the Rate of Photosynthesis

                     Candy Chromatography

                     Tropisms in Seedlings

                     Seed Study

                     Factors that Affect Germination

                     Plant Misconceptions

                     Investigation of Leaf Stomata


  Observing Pond Water


Microscopy UK Movies

  The Micropolitan Museum

Virtual Pond Dip

Classifying Protists

Scientific Method/ Scientific Inquiry

  Alien World Observations

  Biomimetics Research Project

  Nature of Sci Inq Fact/Fiction


Search for Solutions

Instructional Media Lab Procedures



  Virtual Triple Beam Balance

  Microscopy on the Web

  Virtual Microscope


Teaching about Evolution & Nature of Science

Evolution, NOS, Origins of Life, DNA Lessons


Searchable /MISC

  Science in the Media


  Alphabet of Careers

  Characteristics of Life Collage

  Science Fact? Or Science Fiction?

Teacherís Domain

Bio Movies & MediaResources- Mr. Hata's Course

National Geographic: Videos in the News


NOVA Online

The Futures Channel

NOVA Science Now

Biological Processes

NHC Science Animations, Tutorials & Interactive Links

Scientific American Frontiers

Sumanas Animated Tutorials

Horton High School Animations     

Animated Tutorials

Wiley Interactive Animations

106 Animated Tutorials & Quizzes

Lifewire Animations & Tutorials

Teacherís Domain


   Biology Labs Online (Measurement  , Sci Method , Organic
Mol, Cells and Membranes , Respiration, Cell Cycle, Genetics,
DNA, Electrophoresis, Plants , Evolution , Animals)


  Troy High School Labs Online


  Virtual Fieldtrips


  McGraw Hill Virtual Labs


  McGraw Hill Virtual Labs 2


   Teacherís Domain: 2000 classroom-ready resources courtesy of public television partners

56 Quick Demos for Bio Classes

The Biology Corner Worksheets  

Access Excellence


Busy Teachers Website

Science Net Links

NIH Curriculum Supplements

Your World: Biotechnology & You Magazine

Biology In Motion

Action BioScience

   Scientific American Frontiers



See Anatomy & Physiology or AP Biology Spring Pages


  Virus Chart

  Virus Model & Poster Project

  Virus Bacteria Venn

BioMedia Biology of Viruses Video Questions

Infectious Diseases


Spread of a Virus Simulation



Online Assessments & Answers

Online Assessments & Answers


Biology Regents Tests  


Life Science Standardized Test practice 

Hargettís Notes & Review


Practice Quizzes

Biology Regents Exam Questions


Additional Links

Biology References


My Other Science Teacher Pages

AP Biology Resources (see also AP Biology student pages)

Games & PPT Templates

      Biology Web Site References

      High School ACE Science Resources

      Science PPT Presentations

      Biology PPT Lectures

      More Bio PPTs

      Ask An Expert & Homework Help

      Biology Curriculum Map

      Ask a Biologist


      EOCT PPT Review

      Science Spot

      Alternative Strategies for Science Teaching & Assessment

      Science Fair Websites

   My Environ-mental Science Teacher Page

   My Anatomy & Physiology Teacher Page

   My Chemistry Teacher Page

   My Physics/Physical Science Teacher Page


      Kim Fogliaís AP Bio

      N. Warren Regional H.S.


      Bruce Faitsch


      AP Bio UGA


      PPT Activity Templates

      Jeopardy Games & Templates

      Biology Jeopardy Games


Other Science Teacher Pages

   Brookings High School

   Biology Junction Curriculum Map


For some
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Science News
Science Teacher Awards, Grants, Scholarships & Internships:

Aerospace Education Foundation (AEF) Grants :
Offers Educator grants of up to $250 per academic year in support to elementary and secondary classrooms for aerospace education programs, opportunities, and activities.

CFNM (Center for Functional Nanoscale Materials)
Teacher Fellowships in nanoscience research and problem-based learning curriculum development. CFNM Teacher Fellows participate in components of the PRISM program and in guided research experiences in Clark Atlantaís nanoscience labs, and ultimately translate the CFNM's nanoscience research into problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum materials.

Disney Teacher Awards
and other national teaching awards

Entomological Society of America
President's Prizes for Outstanding Achievement in Primary and Secondary Education Funded by ESA
These awards recognize educators who have gone beyond the traditional teaching methods by using insects as educational tools. One winner will be chosen from among primary teachers (grades K-6) and one from among secondary teachers (grades 7-12).

Georgia Science Teacher Association Awards and Scholarships
For more information about the following awards, scholarships and grants,

Georgia Intern-Fellowships for Teachers
(GIFT) is a collaborative effort designed to enhance mathematics and science experiences of Georgia teachers and their students

Einstein Fellowships
The Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship is a paid fellowship for K-12 math, science, and technology teachers. Einstein Fellows spend a school year in Washington, DC serving in a federal agency or on Capitol Hill.

Mississippi State University
Bagley College of Engineering
Introduction to Engineering for High School Teachers & Counselors

National Science Teachers Association Awards :
K-12 Teachers, and students

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching :

Prize money:  $750 for three finalist, and $10,000 for winner and trip to Washington, D.C.

President's Prizes for Outstanding Achievement in Primary and Secondary Education
Entomological Society of America
These awards recognize educators who have gone beyond the traditional teaching methods by using insects as educational tools. One winner will be chosen from among primary teachers (grades K-6) and one from among secondary teachers (grades 7-12).

Problems & Research to Integrate Science & Mathematics
PRISM is a National Science Foundation Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) program that awards 12-month fellowships to middle and high school teachers.

Society for Science & the Publi
c (SSP), with generous support from  Intel, is pleased to announce the launch of its Fellows Program. The  SSP Fellows Program provides funds and training to selected U.S.  science and math teachers who serve underresourced students, to  enable interested and motivated students to perform high-quality  independent scientific research. Fellows receive a stipend of up to  $8500/year depending on proposed budget, demonstrated need, support  of the school and needs of the student population. For more information, visit SSPís website  http://outreach.societyforscience.org
Questions? Please contact  Jennifer A. Carter (jcarter@societyforscience.org)

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm Environmental Excellence Awards
Organization: SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm
Eligibility: Schools and community groups
Value: Eight awards of at least $10,000 each

Target Field Trip Grants Program
Organization: Target
Eligibility: K-12 educators and school officials
Value: 800 awards of $1,000 each

Teaching Ambassador Fellowships
The Fellowship includes two kinds of opportunities for teachers across the U.S. Up to 20 Classroom Fellows will remain at their schools under their regular teaching contracts and will be paid to participate in additional Department discussions and projects throughout the school year on a part-time basis.

Tropical Biology Scholarship:
Prentice Hall Biology authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine are sponsoring two scholarships to the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica!
Anatomy & Physiology
TEACHERS: Environmental Science