Systems Magazine Project

Systems Magazine Project


When was the last time you read Omni or Scientific American?  Well now you have the opportunity to be editor, publisher and author for your own scientific magazine.  Choose a vertebrate body system (and clear it with me) and then organize a magazine dedicated to your system.


/5pts       Title page, name, picture

/4pts       Table of contents, please include authors of all articles and advertisements

/14pts     2 full page articles

                one article should discuss what happens when the system does not function correctly/efficiently

                one article should trace a pathway in your system

articles should be factual, of A.P. caliber, and go beyond the information in your textbook,  please list your resources

/6pts       at least 2 color pictures per article, pictures must be related to the text with captions, preferably embedded in the text

/8pts       1 chart/graphic comparing and contrasting the system adaptations used by animals in at least 8 different phyla

/8 pts      2 color advertisements related to your chosen system.  Must give content about your system not discussed elsewhere in

your magazine

/5pts       1 item of your choice that might be found in a magazine (i.e. classified, personals, crash courses, surveys, letters to the



You may have up to 3 people (including yourself) in each group.  For each additional person, add 2 articles (with pictures) and 1 color advertisement.

The articles, chart and pictures should be factual, and original, not textbook or lecture reiterations.  They should demonstrate your comprehension of the material and should summarize major concepts found in the corresponding chapter(s) in your text.  They should show that you used sources other than your text and that you went above and beyond anything we have discussed in class.

Overall creativity, neatness, typos and grammatical errors can either add or substantially detract from your presentation


Central nervous system                                      locomotion/skeletal                                             digestive system

Immune/defense system                                     circulatory system                                               respiratory system

Homeostasis/regulation                                      integument system                                              excretory system

Sensory/motor system                                        endo & exocrine system