Sweet Holy Spirit

Sweet Holy Spirit fall, all over me
Like snow in a grove of Christmas Eve trees,
Each hair on end with your electricity.

Sweet heavenly Dove fill my whole being
Being one with you and agreeing
Relinquishing all control to you is so freeing

Holy Ghost in your presence I'm speechless in awe
You rebuilt a heart that was doubting and raw
And nearer and nearer I beg you to draw

Jesus enter me in your supernatural way
To move in your Spirit, each day I pray
I invite you in my heart, soul, mind and body to stay

Comforter, Counselor so glad that you're here
This psalm for your worship, I adore and revere
Will praise you forever, You're so precious and dear

Fire from heaven, into me pour
Peace, joy, power, from your unlimited store
And grant my supplications for portions of more

Spirit of Truth , your wisdom I behold
As answers to questions you lovingly unfold
Try, melt and mold me 'till I'm like pure gold.

Sweet Holy Spirit, I've had a taste of things to come
I know that you'll finish this work You've begun
And look forward to the time we next become one.

Annette M. Parrott