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The following student pages have class notes, extra notes, online tutorial sand videos, extra credit opportunities, extra copies of various class assignments, fun stuff and other miscellaneous items that will help you in your quest for scientific knowledge… See your respective page(s) for specifics

Biology Page Fall
Biology Page Spring

Advanced Placement Biology Fall
Advanced Placement Biology Spring

Environmental Science Page Fall
Environmental Science Page Spring

AP Environmental Science Fall
AP Environmental Science Spring

GPC Anatomy & Physiology  I
GPC Anatomy & Physiology II

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Need to know how to find, copy and paste pictures into your projects?
Need to determine your DeKalb County Tech code? Try here:

Technology Help for Students

Need to check out a book or video for free (provided you have paid all your fines), without having to spend hours in the library? Try out public library’s catalog, they will email you when your items arrive:
DeKalb Public Library Catalog

Learn a New Language: Through DeKalb Public Library, requires a Library Card # & Pin, through programs Rosetta Stone and TeLL me More

Standardized Test Practice:
SAT, GRE, ACT Test Prep

USA Test Prep Biology, End of Course Test (EOCT) prep as well as Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT)prep (email me for password info)

EOCT Practice Test and Study Questions

How to make a
Crib Sheet

How to prepare
Test Corrections   
Study Techniques for Students
Do you really dig science and want some more Science Opportunities? Information on Summer internships, or Science scholarships?

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Scholarly Science Page
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