Say, that Smells like Smog...
Student Alternative Conceptions                           Scientifically Accepted Conceptions

There is an actual hole in the ozone layer                     There is a thinning of ozone molecules in the stratosphere
Ozone is a layer of carbon dioxide and oxygen             Ozone is 3 oxygens
Ozone is the top layer of earth's crust                         Ozone is found in earth's atmosphere (troposphere and    
Ozone keeps earth's temperature stable and prevents     Ozone can be a greenhouse gas and enhance the
   the Greenhouse effect                                                Greenhouse effect
Smog is visible (like smoke)                                       Smog is not visible in close quarters, but can be  
                                                                                   observed like a haze over a city
Smog can clog up your lungs like smoke/smog            Smog does not cause asphyxiation, but can aggravate      
 cannot hurt you                                                               respiratory sicknesses like asthma, emphysema   
Student Questions:
How much smog/smog exposure can make you sick?
How is smog made?
What is ozone made of?
At what times/seasons is smog the worst?
How is smog affecting the ozone layer?
How can you protect yourself from smog?

Teacher Questions:
Often times in Atlanta, particularly the summer months, smog alerts are reported on the news and expressway
What does it mean when Atlanta has a "smog alert"?
What is smog?
Can smog hurt you? If so, how?
Can smog kill you? If so, how?
Please answer true(T) or false(F) to the following statements:
___Population can affect smog levels                       ___Temperature can affect smog levels
___Wind can affect smog levels                              ___Sunshine can affect smog levels
___Wind can affect smog levels                              ___Ocean waves can affect smog levels
___Ozone is good for people                                   ___Ozone is bad for people
___Smog is a serious problem that people should be concerned about
What is ozone?
Can you do anything to reduce smog?  If so, what?
What question do you have/things would you like to know about smog?

Learning Outcomes:
Environmental Science QCC Objectives:
1.1 Designs and conducts a scientific experiment that identifies the problem, distinguishes manipulated,
responding and controlled variables, collects, analyzes and communicates data, and makes valid inferences
and conclusions.
2.1 Uses current technologies such as CD-ROM, Internet and on-line data search to explore current research
related to a science concept.
11.2 Describes the factors that contribute to the major environmental problems.
11.3 Explains how ozone is formed in the stratospheric layer and on earth's surface.
11.5 Compares global warming to greenhouse effect and the impact of temperature changes on living things in
a lab or field setting.
12.1 Recalls the layers of the atmosphere and the composition of air.
12.3 Relates pollutants to smog and thermal inversions.
12.4 Investigates the impact of poor air quality on the environment.

1.  Take the Smog City Challenge

2.  Submit the Ozone, CFC’s Greenhouse Gas Portfolio

Ozone, CFC's Greenhouse Gas Portfolio
This assignment is to show me how well you understand the unit we have been covering.   You will collect all
of your work in a shoebox that you will bring to class and keep in the classroom. Pick a topic from Ozone,
CFC’s or Greenhouse gasses and use this checklist to complete your portfolio.
*Bring in a shoebox to keep your portfolio contents
*Build a model depicting some aspect of your topic, with an attached key describing the components of your
model and what it has to do with your topic
*Bring in a copy of a current article relating to your topic and one paragraph on how it affects you personally
*Graph the Antarctic Ozone data, and write a paragraph interpreting the results of your graph.  What does
this graph tell you about ozone levels in Antarctica?
*Bring a household item that relates to your topic and write 1 paragraph explaining how it is related.
*Do an artistic interpretation of your topic (poem, picture, collage, rap)
*Type a letter to
one of the following, signed, addressed and ready to be mailed
   1. A company protesting a product:   (lists of companies doing environmentally unfriendly things can be
       found at in their “what you can do corner�,,,
   2. A conservation organization requesting free information:  EPA, DNR, Fish & Wildlife, USDA, NWF
   3. A public official/political about your concerns:  A list of Georgia representatives, senate and bills can be
       found at
   4. A newspaper/magazine editor voicing your concerns or regarding an article:  ( letters to the editor and
       addresses are found in each issue)
Each portion of your portfolio will be worth 10 points, and due dates for each will be announced in class.

Portfolio will be graded
Student will take the
smog quiz.
Students will describe 5 things that they can do to reduce smog