Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement


You will create an advertisement to raise environmental awareness of a topic of your choice that appears in each chapter of your textbook.  You must choose a resource that is valuable to life on earth and that is being harmed by human actions.  Think of yourself as creating a billboard that will inform the public on how to care for our planet earth and the abiotic and biotic factors on it.  Each Public Service announcement will be graded on the following.


/1pt      Eye catching Title related to the resource.


/4pts     At least 2 reasons why the resource is important


/4pts     At least 2 ways humans are harming the resource


/6pts     At least 3 ways the resource can be saved or helped by students like you (can do you what you suggest if someone suggested it to you?)


/2pts     Text should be typed/stenciled in large print (at least 26 font) so that it can be read from across the hall and your PSA should be no smaller than 14?X16? and no larger than poster paper


/2pts     a color picture that is engaging, easy to understand and relates to your poster


/1pt      creativity