Educational Philosophy
Techniques to build connections o’er waters that run fast,
        bridges that are built, not bought, are bridges most likely to last.
Enthusiasm and excitement should saturate the approach, to capture attention and   
        hypnotize, to dazzle to sparkle to tantalize, by whetting the appetite you’ll
        realize, you lay foundation for further growth.
Applying the lesson to their lives is the only way to ensure,
        That they will value what they have learned and beg you to learn some more.
Cognitive Developmentâ€� may seem quite clinical, but showing them how to â
€˜work it
        out’ will prove to be useful.
How does it work? Why does this happen?â€� are questions that should arise,  in
        simple acceptance there’s no concern, there’ll be no understanding in their
Inspiring them to examine, to figure, to exercise theirminds,
        Sometimes in examining the obvious, the elusive you will find.
Now I finally realize, what it is I’ve been doing for years
        To pets, to strangers, to friends and foes, to family and to peers.  My
Goal is to encourage our youth to search for answers, ne’er settling ne’er
ceasing.                    In challenging them I challenge myself and love my life—and love

     -Annette M. Parrott