Parrott Technology How-To Guide: Inserting Pictures

How to find and insert Internet pictures into your projects:

Go to

Click on "images" in the bar

Type in the words of the picture you are looking for
However, if you are looking for a compound idea, like 'coral reefs' you must type it in quotations ""  so
you would type in  "coral reefs"   so that you don't get pictures of coral colored nail polish or something
similarly unrelated.

Once you have found the picture you want to use, you can do 1 of 2 things:

To save the picture for later use:
Right click with the mouse on the picture. It will show a menu, highlight "save picture as" and rename
picture to a name you will recognize. MAKE SURE you are aware of where to are saving the picture,  
(save in: ) to the A:/ drive, or a C:/ drive folder etc.

To paste the picture into a Word document or Powerpoint slide:
Right click with the mouse on the picture. It will show a menu, highlight "copy". Go to your open word
document or powerpoint slide,  and press "Ctrl V" simultaneously, or use the paste button at the top of
your menu bar (clip board with small paper on it).

Now you will have to format your picture so that you can move and manipulate it.

Open the picture tool bar (highlight View, highlight toolbars, highlight picture).
It when you move your mouse over the picture, you see a finger pointing instead of the cursor you have to
turn the hot link off.  To do this, move mouse over picture and right click. Highlight: Hyperlink and then
highlight Remove hyperlink.

Once you see the cursor when you place your mouse over the picture, click on it once so that it is
enclosed in a box. Then click on text wrapping (looks like a dog or person with lines on it in your picture
toolbar) and highlight Edit Wrap Points. You should now see red dashes outlining your picture. You can
now move your picture around.

In order to put your picture in the middle of text, or behind text, or surrounded by text, play with the other
options in Text Wrapping (in the picture toolbar) until you get the desired effect.

Happy cutting and pasting!