Ozone, CFC’s Greenhouse Gas Portfolio


Ozone, CFC’s Greenhouse Gas Portfolio                                                                         Name:


This assignment is to show me how well you understand the unit we have been covering.   You will collect all of your work in a shoebox that you will bring to class and keep in the classroom. Pick a topic from Ozone, CFC’s or Greenhouse gasses and use this checklist to complete your portfolio.

v      Bring in a shoebox to keep your portfolio contents

v      Build a model depicting some aspect of your topic, with an attached key describing the components of your model and what it has to do with your topic

v      Bring in a copy of a current article relating to your topic and one paragraph on how it affects you personally

v      Graph the Antarctic Ozone data, and write a paragraph interpreting the results of your graph.  What does this graph tell you about ozone levels in Antarctica?

v      Bring a household item that relates to your topic and write 1 paragraph explaining how it is related.

v      Do an artistic interpretation of your topic (poem, picture, collage, rap)

v      Type a letter to one of the following, signed, addressed and ready to be mailed

1.        A company protesting a product:   (lists of companies doing environmentally unfriendly things can be found at www.ran.org in their “what you can do corner?, www.nrdc.org, www.sierraclub.org, www.greenpeace.org)

2.        A conservation organization requesting free information:  EPA, DNR, Fish & Wildlife, USDA, NWF

3.        A public official/political about your concerns:  A list of Georgia representatives, senate and bills can be found at  http://www.state.ga.us/services/leg/

4.        A newspaper/magazine editor voicing your concerns or regarding an article:  ( letters to the editor and addresses are found in each issue)

Each portion of your portfolio will be worth 10 points, and due dates for each will be announced in class.