*Students can work individually or in pairs, only one group may present on a topic so each topic must be
cleared with me BEFORE you begin your research.

*Students will use a PowerPoint Presentation to present on Organic compounds and their functional
groups with at least one slide on each of the following topics:

· Title and presenters      (1pt)
· Name and picture (macropicture) of compounds being discussed (2pts)
· Description and picture of how these compounds affect man  (2pts)
· Molecular structure of compound with characteristics of this group/class of compounds (5pts)
· Highlight functional group in the molecular structure describing how it makes the compound behave       
· 5 question quiz at the end of the presentation    (5pts)
· bibliography/references      (1pt)

*Students should also be able to answer questions about their presentation (5pts)
*Presentations should be between 5 and 10 minutes long   (2pts)
*Presentations should extend beyond the content of the AP Course and Text (2pts)
*Students should present to Ms. Parrott one day before the presentation, an outline of their PPT and this
checklist.        (3pts)

Possible topics include but are not limited to: how antidepressants work, how cholesterol works, how
steroids work, the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats, the difference between depressants and
stimulants, difference in snake's venom, psychedelic biotoxins, biodegradable chitinous stitches, aromatic
rings, 'real' and 'fake' sugars and/or fats, natural vs synthetic drugs, hair treatments etc,