Nouveaux Beginnings

Like the bulbs and buds that bloom in springtime
I feel the stirrings of new birth
What’s gone before contributes more to this (new) prime
A destiny of invaluable worth

Nouveaux beginnings
No longer by the past confined
Nouveaux beginnings
The presents of the present are mine

Like a phoenix rising from the embers
Like the sunrise that brings a new day
Lessons of the past my heart remembers
They are the beacon that illumes my way

Nouveaux beginnings
No more concerns for when, why or how
Nouveaux beginnings
Eternity begins right now

As I let my mind unwind
Unentwined of thoughts behind
History hasn’t been unkind
Instead designed to redefine
My frame of mind
I now find
That I am more inclined
To no longer be blind or confined
Instead refined, and life’s sublime.

Nouveaux beginnings
Appreciating what I’ve become
Nouveaux beginnings
Looking forward to what’s yet to come

lyrics by Annette M. Parrott