My Unicorn

In the deep dark wilderness,
Where lurked evil goblins, trolls and ogres,
There lived at the other edge,
What Seemed a Unicorn but was something more...
Evil witches and warlocks cast their spells,
Whether there existed a Unicorn I could not tell
Through thickets and brambles henceforth I came
Forgetting civilization, forgetting my name
Searching for something different, something unique,
Something through which happiness I'd reap.
Many dangerous plots and traps I'd have to pass,
Before I'd find my Unicorn at last.
Wizards tried to stop me in my tracks,
Not letting me look forward, only letting me look back
I could only look back on the path that I followed
A path full of grief, a path full of sorrow.
Then a sorceress showed me what did lie ahead,
I thought for sure there'd be some happiness, but I found instead
Swamps of sorrow, hills of hate, deceitfulness and more,
There was no light at the end of the tunnel, there were no open doors
My hope was taken, my dreams were crushed,
Sifted like flour, scattered like dust,
My dreams, so beautiful, became a nightmare,
Was I reality or fantasy, was I here or there.
With nowhere to turn I began to weep,
Then the earth commenced to envelope my feet,
As I started to sink, deep within quicksand,
Outstretched to me was a kind and gentle hand.
One hand pulled me gently, the other held a wand,
I was pulled with brute strength, and with the grace of a swan,
It was a fairy, by whom I'd been redeemed,
Who reassured me that my future was not as grim as it had seemed.
With her help I realized, that the world was within my grasp,
And if worked for hard enough, I could have what I wanted at last,
She gave a little magic, that went a long, long way,
And when things got rough--which they would--she reminded me to pray.
And before she left there was one more thing that she gave to me,
Something extremely precious that needed tending carefully,
She pointed to it far away, almost hidden from sight,
Could it be?  My Unicorn?  I did not know, it might.
It seemed to have a radiance, that shined forth bright and clear,
Could it be the Unicorn that I'd been searching for throughout the years?
Was it really a Unicorn, or just a horse in disguise,
I was tired of the fakes, I was tired of the lies.
And if it were a Unicorn, it surely would not let me ride,
If I mounted would I be thrown, like I was a countless number of times?
It brayed a quiet bray, and beckoned come to me,
You have been in bondage and you can be set free,
Take my reigns and mount me, ride me like the wind,
You have the keys, so open doors, then you can enter in,
You have the voice, so open your mouth, no longer suppressed is the song,
You've been through dreary days, and nights so hard and long.
Many storms you have weathered, many trials you've come through,
You've been tattered, you've been torn, now it's time to take your due.
Come and I will carry you, off unto my lair,
With clear stream, soft breeze, clean air, You'll be happy there.
So we started on our way, but an ogre intercepted our path,
I asked my dear Unicorn what I should do, and he told me to laugh..
If you will laugh at least once a day, it will keep the ogres away,
So I did what my Unicorn did say, and indeed the ogre went away.
Happiness surged, pleasure swelled, my Unicorn and I were pleased,
We continued laughing gaily, then a witch appeared from behind the trees.
I continued laughing despite my fear, but the witch did not move from the spot,
I thought that in trouble laughter would help, but in this case it did not.
If laughter doesn't help, then sing a happy song,
And sure enough, before too long, the wicked old witch was gone.
We laughed loudly and sang sweet songs, merrily on our way,
Then it became as black as night, as darkness enveloped the day.
My Unicorn answered my question, even before I could ask why,
No matter where I was or how long I lived, there'd always be dark skies.
But not to fret, there'd be cloudy days, but they'd never last forever,
The sun wouldn't always be shining, there had to be a change in weather.
As we rode on in the dark, towards my Unicorn's lair,
Something pulled me from my Unicorn and my Unicorn disappeared.
How could I think about going on, without a guide?
How could I continue life without a dear friend at my side,
Now I was as I was before, my happiness did not last,
As suddenly as it had come, it had gone even more fast,
I didn't even bother to walk a few paces though nothing was holding me back,
Why didn't I go on, I don't even know, was it motivation or courage I lacked,
Then loud and bold yet soft and sweet, I heard my Unicorn's voice,
I didn't need him, I had to live for me, but in the end it was MY choice.
There'd always be something thrown in my way, stumbling blocks to hinder my path,
But if I wanted to chase the problems away, it would always help if I laughed.
So with these thoughts in my mind, I continued on my way,
And much to my amazement and much to my joy, I saw the beginning of a day.
But wait, was it truly the crack of dawn, or was it in the distance just a light?
It was irrelevant; be it night or be it day, I knew that I'd be alright.
So with a smile on my lips and a spring in my step, I continued without being led,
Not knowing where I was going, or when I'd get there, I knew that something good lay ahead.

As I approached the light up ahead, it had a radiance and a glare,
That somehow was familiar to me, and then finally I realized with a tear,
It was my Unicorn, my dear Unicorn, Standing proudly very straight, very tall,
He had always been right by me, and was always at my side, he had never really disappeared
at all,
My insecurities and doubts had blinded me to his presence, making me believe he was not
I had to learn my lesson and believe in myself, before I saw him I had to conquer my fears.
Be it in flesh, or in spirit, my Unicorn is constantly with me,
And as long as I keep him in my heart, I'll continue to live happily.

Annette M. Grey
November 29- January 26, 1988