My people, you people, our people.

My people, my people
The statistics are daunting
Replete in illness and incarceration
Yet financial freedom found wanting
Being cut down by cancers, diabetes, and AIDS
Yet not enough committed to education these days
Riding your assets all bound in rings, blings and things
What’ll you leave for the little’uns? Will you leave’em paupers or kings?
What of the family you conveniently left?
Subjecting their hearts and finances to theft
Is your gig your calling? Or are you just passin’ time
Will the world be a better place after you’ve spent your last dime?
Full of religion but are you faith-full or faith-slim?
If you gonna pray not to drown you’d better learn how to swim
Self-sufficient selfish isn’t, being great don’t equate escape
I am because you are. Let’s awake for our children’s sake.
We were the founders of Universities, Technologies, Civilizations,
Originators of Sciences, Languages, Nations
And we still are—though forgotten, most sadly by ourselves
But the seed is within us, even if erased from the shelves.
The present does make a difference, regardless of the past
Our future is immeasurable, if we only stand fast.
Consider that rib, take a stand for your health
Consider that purchase, take a stand for your wealth
Consider that class, take a stand for your acuity
Consider that book, take stand for your ingenuity
Consider that relationship, take stand for your self-esteem
Consider your worship, and live for the Supreme.
My people, my people
I hope that you may
Decide to direct OUR destiny
How will YOU start today?

Dr. Annette M. Parrott