My Life

If I were a flower:
you would be the rain helping me to grow, stand firm and strong,
you would be the gardener  keeping me safe and sound from harm,
you would be the sun sharing your radiance and with your love warming me,
you would be a butterfly giving me you friendship and welcome company.

If I were a pond:
you would be the fish living in the deepest depths of my heart,
you would be the water therefore present in my every part,
you would be the ducks and geese making me full of vibrant life,
you would be the full moon glistening, gleaming, shining through the night.

If I were a bird:
you would be a tree offering me the safest sanctuary if I needed rest,
you would be the twigs the finest material with which to build my nest,
you would be a canyon echoing back my happy songs,
you would be the wind to keep me from falling and help me carry on.

But since I am neither flower,
nor bird
I shall tell you what you are to me as I am now,
To put it quite simple, quite plain, quite brief,
you are...
 my life.

April 23, 1988
Annette M. Grey