My First Animal Book

My First AP Animal Book                                                                              


You are going to make an interactive animal picture book describing the positive and negative aspect of  9 animal phyla


Your book will be graded on the following:

1 colorful Title page/cover /1pt                                                1 Complete Table of Contents                /1pt

27 Animal Picture Pages, 3 for each of the following 9 phyla                                                                /45 pts


Your book will discuss the following animal phyla (in order)

Porifera                                  /5pts                                                Cnidaria (Coelomata)                                /5pts

Platyhelminthes                    /5pts                                                Nematoda                                              /5pts

Annelida                                                /5pts                                       Molluska                                               /5pts

Arthropoda                                           /5pts                                       Echinodermata                                      /5pts

Chordata                                                /5pts


For EACH phylum you will have the following 3 pages:

Page 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

1 harmful animal’s common name                                                                   

animal’s scientific name (in proper notation)                                                  

1 or more color pictures of that animal                                                                    

3 characteristics of ALL animals in that phylum                                                     

the reason why this animal is harmful                                  


Page 2

1 beneficial animal’s common name

animal’s scientific name (in proper notation)

1 or more color pictures of that animal

3 characteristics of ALL animals in that phylum

the reason why this animal is beneficial


Page 3

An interactive review of the phylum (idea must be cleared with me first)

e.g. a diagram coloring page, a pop-up page, a pull-out page, a mini quiz, a tactile page, an activity page


Some ideas for helpful organisms are: food, medicines, pest control, household uses

Some ideas for harmful organisms are: diseases, death, hurt our food crops, harm our pets, infest our homes


All scientific names must be signed for on the sign in sheet on the door. No 2 students may do the same organism

Due _______________