My Desire

I so want to pour my soul out to you
There’s a stirring in my spirit and I don’t know
what to do
with it
I want to present you with the ultimate sacrifice of praise
An odiferous offering for the remainder of my days
I want the words to flow superfluously from my tongue
Infinitely from my fingers once I have begun
Allow me to write the hymns for the angels to sing
My desires are consumed by this one thing.
Let me herald to the world your unspeakable acclaim
Your instrument of worship as your perfection I proclaim
I want to dance before you, spill my oil at your feet
To render you blessings perfect and complete
To have you delight in me as I offer to you
An offering of adulation and worship that’s due

Annette M. Parrott
9/15, 16, 19/02