The Mustard Seed
There once was a mustard seed, who was so very small
That the other seedlings teased him saying “you’ll never amount to much at allâ

Not only was he tiny, but so very hard to see
None could imagine how such a grain of sand could turn into a flourishing tree.

He was so very disheartened, after being laughed at day after day
He didn't understand why God made him so tiny, so he decided to pray.

In answer to his prayer God said “be patient and I’ll show you how,
you can fulfill your promise and potential, even though you don’t realize it now

‘The least shall become the greatest, although today it might be hard to see
The birds shall flock to your branches, for you’ll provide food, comfort and safety

‘When I look at you I don’t see a seedling, or even the tree you’ll become
I see lumber for mansions, cellos for symphonies, even resin for delicious chewing gum.

‘I see paper for important proclamations, that change the world in a day,
I see fuel that lights a million cities, and medicines that make the sick okay

‘I see latex for your plastic products, and the perfumes and spices you savor
and believe it or not, I even see jolly rancher sour apple candy flavor�

So the next time you feel like a seed, worried because your future you don’t know,
Remember you have no limitations, as long as in God you continue to grow.

Dr. Annette M. Parrott

Everyday In God I grow
Every day in God I grow
Deeper and stronger than a year ago
I will grow high, where once I was low
Continuing growing so as not to plateau
As heavenly blessings on me He bestows
I could never repay the debt that I owe
So His love and grace to other’s I’ll show
As daily in God I continue to grow.

Dr. Annette M. Parrott