The Lorax                                                                                                                    Name________________________
If The Lorax is an analogy for the environment on planet earth, what might the following things from the story represent in our world? Please explain your reasoning.
Truffula Trees-
Complaint Box-
Axe hacker-
Which character in The Lorax is most like you and why?
Did the people really need the thneeds?
What did the people do/use before thneeds were invented?
What kind of "thneeds" do you purchase?
If you were the onceler in The Lorax, what would you do the same?
What would you do differently?
Will you do anything differently after watching this video?
If so what?
If not, why not?
Homework: Bring an item to class that has to do with environmental issues: It may be a poem, song, play, movie, book, article whatever you can carry to class. Be able to explain to the class why your item is environmental.

The Lorax II: A Sustainable Planet
Directions: You are going to write, direct and produce a sequel to The Lorax. You may use any media to produce it such as a poem, skit, song/rap, video, radio announcement, comic/storyboard, puppets. Some ideas for the approach to your sequel may be: a news report or interviewing the Lorax, telling the story from another character’s point of view, a soap opera, a folkstory or myth. The story does not have to be told by the Onceler as the original Lorax was. Your sequel, The Lorax II, will be graded on the following:

/4 At least four of the characters mentioned in the original Lorax, must be mentioned, clearly identified and have speaking parts in your sequel.

/ 8 Create and develop (which means they have integral parts in your sequel) at least four new characters with speaking parts for The Lorax II. Their names should be clearly apparent and their role in the story easily understood.

/4 Highlight the environmental issue that you have been assigned/chosen, reminding viewers of how it manifested its self in the original Lorax. You may use dialogue or songs from the original Lorax to do this.

/4 Start the Lorax II with the Onceler giving directions to the little boy. Include in your story what the Lorax meant by the words "unless" and by the directions he gave to the little boy.

/10 Pose a possible solution to the problem that you have chosen in the above statement. Show how the problem can be solved in the Lorax's world, with clear parallels as to how it can be solved in our world, and how each of us in this class can be a part of the solution, and by not acting, is part of the problem.

/10 In keeping with the style of Dr. Seuss, you need to write and perform an original rhyming song in the Lorax II. Your song needs to have at least three verses and a chorus. (I recommended that you use a tune from an existing song, such as Bingo, O Susanna or Gilligan's Island, or even a current popular song, and just change the lyrics.) You must bring a pre-recorded version of your song will all words clearly audible.

/5 End your production with a statement that starts with "Unless…". Your unless statement should determine your individual accountability for the environmental issue discussed and the responsibility of the human race in this issue.

/5 This sequel should be neat, creative and exciting, in line with the original Lorax.

Extra Credit Available if your entire story rhymes in the style of Dr. Seuss.
Topic Chosen by May _______________
Sequel Due by May _______________
Please attach this completed checklist to your project

Be A Lorax: What Will YOU Speak For?
Directions: Part I
Write to your senator, representative or a business about an environmental issue. Choose an issue you care about and research it thoroughly. Let them know that you are a high school student concerned about the environment. Make sure you state facts to support your position. Be polite and respectful and suggest what actions you would like them to take. Some resources to help you are:
Rain Forest Action Network
221 Pine Street Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94104

Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20460

National Wildlife Federation
8925 Leesburg Pike, .
Vienna, VA 22184

Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20240

Be A Lorax: What Will YOU Speak For?
Directions: Part II

Once you have chosen your environmental issue and cleared it with me, you will be given a file folder with an attached string. You will represent your issue on this folder and wear it on the designated day to educate the public about your chosen environmental concern.
You will be graded on the following:
/5 The front of your folder has your environmental issue in bold face and is decorated appropriately

On the upper inside flap of your folder you have:
/5 Explain the environmental issue, giving 5 reasons why the resource being destroyed/altered is necessary to life on Earth

/5 Offered five specific ways human actions are depleting this resource

/10 Offered ten simple things that students like you can do to conserve this resource. They should be explained in enough detail that someone could do them today without further instruction. Number them and give adequate descriptions so that readers understand how to perform them

/15 On the lower inside flap you have secured at least fifty signatures, (40 student, 10 adult) of persons you have spoken to about your environmental issue, and have decided to commit to performing at least one of the options for conserving the resource as outlined in the upper portion of your folder for 1 week or more.

On earth day, you will wear your folder, explaining the environmental issue of your choice to people you meet. Ask them to be proactive and pledge to protect the earth for at least one week. Have them sign their name and write the number of the simple thing they pledge to do to be environmentally helpful for at least one week.