Lilac Lotus

Once upon a time was kept
In the abyss where it fitfully slept
A lonely lilac lotus stem
Silently submerged in the murky depths

As accumulated silt was purged
The urge was gratified by a surge
As this little lilac lotus shoot
From the mud began to emerge

Accompanied by the dawning sky
A dragonfly—that was passing by—
Alighted on the lilac lotus sprig, asking
“Believe what I say I believe, do I?�

Responded to the rising of the son
It’s blossoming was now begun
There emerged a lilac lotus bud
Whose dormancy was now done

And when the fragrant flower bloomed
Forgotten was the gloom of its muddy tomb
At long last the lilac lotus blossom
Nurtured agape in its womb.

There lies within the supply to need
Awaiting eternity to be conceived
In the living lilac lotus fruit
Is joy, peace and love’s seed

So for the story to consummate
The lotus blossom patiently awaits
The Metsada dragonfly to pollinate
A soul tie bind with it’s soul mate.

Dr. Annette M. Parrott