In Love With Love

When was the last time you were in love?
Walking in bliss because you’d been smiled on from above.
Continually singing love songs straight from your heart
Finding it hard from your lover’s presence to depart
You talked of their wonderful ways to everyone you’d meet
Everyone saw that you were in love, even strangers on the street.
“My loved one this, my loved one that� was ever on your lips
No darkness in your demeanor, by joy it was completely eclipsed.
They were your last thought at night and the first in the morn
You’d spend hours chatting with them until dawn
And should ever you find an extra moment to spend
Your only desire was to spend it with them.
You’d think of special ways so your love would show
And told them daily of your feelings, to make sure they would know
Rearranged your scheduled to spend moments alone
And reflected continually, on how much your love had grown.
In your mind you would relive their embrace
And were constantly seeking to see their face
How wonderful it is to be in love
To be in God, for God IS love.
It’s sad that so few of us actually see,
That being a child of His, requires intimacy.
That our body, soul and mind have locks to which HE has the key
No, He’s not the love of our life, but of our eternity.
So if you want to experience absolute love
Look not to the flesh, but to up above.

Annette M. Parrott