Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the
law of sin and death.

Independence Day

a whole new view of independence day
the day my sins were washed away
His love was freely given, and now i have love to give away
He straightened my heart of disarray
and in my heart He'll always stay.

gone are the days when my skies were gray
when my soul was dismayed and my flesh did decay
when in my disobedience his sacrifice i did betray
though, for me the devourer He did slay
all fears allayed and debits paid on my independence day.

to the world your holiness and love may I portray
preaching your gospel, The Word, truthful then and today
i pray my praises go up like a fragrant bouquet
one thousand tongues of praise could never convey
my thanks and gratefulness for your faithfulness on my independence day.

i submit my will to you, mold me as clay
the cares of this world, they no longer weigh
i look forward to partaking in your everlasting buffet
i pray, everyday, that i'll never stray
continuing in the forever that started my independence day

Annette M. Parrott