Illusion of love

Who’s responsible for this illusion of love?
That would have me forsake perfection bestowed from
This limbo of sorts that i’m languishing of
Cant seem to get clean no matter how hard i scrub
Divers temptations?
Idle frustrations?
Divine ordinations?
What of my firm foundation?
Where’s that?
As i sit in isolation
Devoid of elation, devoid of elation
When last did i offer spontaneous praise or libation?
Is this my life’s blood trickling away
That was shed on the cross when my debt was fully paid
As i incur more debt.
Please take it away
I dont want to stray
Or your love betray
My flesh rising up causing me to decay.

Who’s responsible for this illusory imagery?
My fickle disposition, or satanic trickery?
A test that i’m failing or a victory yet to be?
How could i forsake my constitution so easily?
Lord i ask, i beg i plead
For a change of heart, my head knows it’s you i need
You, and only you
Only your love is true
Only you can bring me through
Only you should i pursue
It’s not my desire to be untrue
To you.
My flesh subdue and my spirit renew.
I put it in your hands.
Thank You.

12/5/02, 12/22/02, 1/4/03
Annette M. Parrott