Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born
of God, and knoweth God. I John 4:7

i appreciate you

i appreciate how you handle me when i'm feeling blue
and when i get a bit agitated you always know what to do

i appreciate your softness that always shines on through
and look forward to this journey of learning love with you

i appreciate your smiling voice as through the phone you coo
telling me you're thinking of me and that i'm you're love true

i appreciate the ingredients you bring as this relationship we brew
simmering and sautéing in this pure love stew

i appreciate the Word you speak that brings forth life so new
faithfully feeding my Spirit with your Spirit does imbue

i appreciate your patience as my heart you do accrue
you reflect the Father's love, and my confidence renew

i appreciate your tenacity as me you do pursue
and am breathless in anticipation as this romance does debut

i appreciate your fortitude through my analytic review
as I work through to trusting and my suspicions subdue

i appreciate the optimism that pervades your every view
and the rose colored glimpses that are becoming my view too

i appreciate the tenderness blossoming between me and you
i've waited for love a lifetime and am certainly overdue

I'm sending you this missive, just to say "Thank you"
and to make sure that you know, how much i appreciate you.

Annette M. Parrott