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Science is the process of finding answers to questions about the world around us.
Scientific Inquiry adheres to a certain set of "rules", one of those rules is the ability to test and re-test.
There are several occurences in the world around us that are not presently subject to scientific interpretation, but that does not negate their existence.

Many scientists, theorists, and philosphers (Galileo, Newton, McLintock, Spallanzani) who challenged the status quo were considered crack-pots and heretics, who were shunned and at first discredited by their contemporaries, however they were the agents of change--sceintific and social--catalysts for paradigm shifts in scientific thinking...

Who would have thought man could travel in the air, broadcast themselves through time and space, occupy the moon, map the human genome, clone life? Are there limits? Only time will tell.

Following are a collection of thinsg that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Perchance they will make you go hmmmmmm as well.
Peradventure they will spark you to provide the scientific evidence necessary to initiate the next paradigm shift in scientific thinking. Again, only time will tell...


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