God Will (Lyrics)

You calm my restless, with your sweet caress, when you’re Spirit falls on me
You gave me treasures, once i surrendered, filled my voids and vacancies

You light the fire, commence desire, give birth to love perfect and new
I bow in reverence, awed by your presence, Holy Spirit i love you

You’ve granted prayers, my heart repaired in your supernatural ways
(He’ll grant your prayers, your heart repair, in His supernatural ways)

I know you will bring me through, if i believe what You will do
My God, He will bring you through, if you believe what He can do

You bring me sunshine, leave clouds behind I know peace within your arms
I'm finally winning New life beginning, THere's no more fear, no more alarm

1. I know it to be true God will see you through
2. My God, He has made a way.  Give Him the glory and the praise
3. Jehovah Jireh to me, you supply all my needs, comforter of my soul, with you Iâ
€™m finally whole, I want to thank you  for I love you, and i bless you magnify you.
God will....

There's so much more, you have in store, although my river overflows
I know it's true, He'll bless youtoo, that's why I want the world to know

My God, he will bring you through, if you believe what He can do.

Annete M. Parrott