The Sorceress Bastet

Salutations, sit down, I've a story to spin.
Of a sweet sorceress who seeks your spirit to win.
Who softly sings a melodious din
and somberly beckons worthy travelers enter in...

Your presence suggests a reason, something you are searching for?
Dost thou expect me to lead you? Towards a portal, to a door?
Well i am quite the hermit,  and through this labyrinth i cannot guide,
Except thou virtue be revealed, aid I canst provide.

`Tis small creatures that are profound, though most immediately
A recipe for many a potion, The staples of a well versed cook.
Honesty tenderness loyalty, playfulness to name a few,
Wit and introspectiveness to simmer in the stew.

A beacon in the darkness, yet unnoticed goethI,,
for eyes too used to darkness, never see a starfilled sky.
A breeze felt as i pass you, perhaps you even ponder this,
Yet continue in your grayness
the paranormal content to miss.

'Tis within your means, to bridge the steep divide,
of course only if you're prepared to reveal,
what the multitude can't help but hide.
This deluge disguised as a trickle, can drown or provide buoyancy,
So fill the chasm, set the battlements on fire, for all eternity.

I crouch in ever readiness, for you to be or not to be,
For the embodiment of my fantasy, to materialize in reality.
So hasten your appearance, the days grow long the nights grow cold,
Arrive before baited breath wanes, before optimism dost fold.

You say I'm being covert, a riddler, difficult at best,
But all this appears unencrypted to the purpose of my quest.
The i`s are the windows of the soul in all their simplicity,
and when you've looked into and beyond those i`s, all you will find is me.

CAN`T YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING?!? in the tiniest whisper...
Are you seeing me clearly now

October 2000
Annette "Goddess Bastet" Parrott