Environmental Science Escapades
Spring 03
Air & Atmosphere:
Complete Smog City Activity by 1/15 for 5pts EC      Global Warming, What Can I Do? Fact sheet
Greenhouse Gas Study Guide                           Acid Rain, What Can I Do? Fact Sheet
Ozone Study Guide                                         Ozone Depletion, What Can I Do? Fact Sheet
Motor Vehicles & Air Pollution Quiz (test questions)   Air Pollution Quiz by 1/20
Sun Safety Quiz by 1/20                                          Global Warming IQ Quiz by 1/20
Global Warming Quiz by 1/20                                  Climate Change Quiz by 1/31
How to Make Ozone Animation                                Greenhouse Effect Animation
Environmental Geology Quiz 2pts by 1/20                 Clouds Quiz by 2/15
Global Warming Quiz by 1/31                                  Clouds of Water & Ice Quiz by 2/15
Atmosphere & Air Temp Quiz by 1/31                      Air Pollution Quiz by 1/31

5pts EC: Go to EPA's Personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator. Enter your data and find out how
much you contribute to global warming.  Develop a plan to decude emissions and submit both
your data and plan in writing to me by 1/18.

African American Environmental Scientists project
or you can go to www.google.com and type in "african american" and "environmental scientists"
Renewable Energy Quiz by  3/1                            Energy Quiz by 3/1
Oil & Gas Quiz by 3/1                                         Take Biomass OR Energy Quiz by 3/1
Types of Energy Quiz by 3/1                                Resources Quiz by 3/1
Conservation & Renewable Energy Quiz by 3/1      Consumption Quiz by 3/1
Energy Resources Quiz by 3/1                              Energy Powerpoint Rubric
Green Car Quiz by 3/1                                         Conserving Resources Quiz by
Energy Quiz by
EarthDay Project

What on Earth is Biodiveristy?                         Why Biodiversity?           
Forestry/Biodiversity Quiz by 5/5                     Endangered Species Quiz by 5/5
Wildlife Knowledge Quiz by 5/5                       Why Biodiversity Lesson    
Endangered Species Lesson Extra Credit        US Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species Info Page
Endangered Species Slide SHow                      Endangered Species Quiz 1 by 5/6
Endangered Species Quiz 2 by 5/6                   Endangered Species Quiz 3 by 5/6
Endangered Species Quiz 4 by 5/6                   Conserving Life Quiz by
Land & Food:
Human Geography Quiz by 2/15                       Soil Quiz by 2/15          
Land Resource Quiz by 2/15
Waste Management:
Solid Waste Quiz by 4/25                                    Trash Quiz by 4/25
Recycling Quiz by 4/25                                       Alternative Energy IQ Quiz by 4/25
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth
PSA Rubric
The Lorax Story Online
The Lorax II Final Project