The Easter Story

He was as pure as a lamb, but like a lamb he was slaughtered,
He was sinless, yet at the hands of sinners he suffered.
He cried tears of blood and wore a crown of thorns,
He was stripped and whipped, laughed at and scorned.
Then he was hung on the Old Rugged Cross to die,
And of all the words in the universe he cried:
"Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"
But what would you say, if it were you?
And as if that wasn't enough for him to be crucified,
With a soldiers spear they pierced his side.
Henceforth came in a great flood, cleansing water and life giving blood.
He could have stopped them with a nod of his head,
But he chose to endure it and die for us instead.
He could have called his angels ( with all of their glory)
But that would have been the end of man's story.
But he conquered death that I might live
He gave himself, the greatest gift he could give.
Seeing this injustice the sun refused to give her light,
And it became dark like the dead of night.
Then the veil in the temple was rent in two
Showing the new connection between God and you.
So there you see that Jesus died for you, and, me.
They put Him in a grave that wasn't even his own
Assuming the tomb would be his final home.
But that's not the end, you see, there's more
He traveled to hell and back and he opened heaven's door.
But on the third day by the crack of dawn
The Savior wasn't there, Jesus was gone!
But this is no call to be surprised, For all of this was prophesied.
Yes, Jesus rose up from the grave, His suffering then was not in vain.
And with him rose the Victory, that he offers to you and me.
And when he comes back which soon shall be,
His children shall inherit Eternity.
So this concludes the Easter Story
How Christ suffered, died and rose to Glory.

March 24, 1986
Annette M. Grey