When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are
sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Mark 2:17

Dr. Jesus

I came to the doctor with ailments galore
Aches & pains, bruises & sores
Told him I was tired of suffering each day
And asked--no begged--that he take the pin away
Little did I know he'd already diagnosed me
Knew my symptoms, the causes, the complete remedy
Yet he listened with patience as I bemoaned my plight
Urged me to have faith that it would be alright
Not sure if I believed him but earnestly hoping
I tried to relax and let Dr. Jesus do his thing.
At the first touch I cringed, and tried to draw back
Surely good medicine didn’t feel like that
I fidgeted in discomfort and wriggled with unease
Not allowing myself comfort, though I knew his expertise
I winced at each movement and flinched at each step
Thoroughly unhappy though his skills were adept
How much time passed i could not quite say
What was taking so long for the pain to go away
Each time i thought the procedure was done
The hurt would begin again as though he’d never begun
Well..maybe it didn’t hurt quite as much as before
But what I wanted was to be completely restored
I struggled with the pain, tried not to cry aloud
Surely in the doctor’s office, that’s not allowed
In the hands of the great healer, why did pain linger on?
Once i have it to Dr, Jesus, shouldn’t all pain be gone?
Like waking from anesthesia I suddenly realized
That Jesus had healed me, but why should I be surprised.
What I didn’t know was that each pain and sting
Were my wounds being dressed, my scars softening
For Jesus, master healer in hi infinite wisdom knew
He had to remove the scarred tissue before he could give me anew
He tended each wound with his patience and love
A feat only divinely possible from above
His hand massaged my heart my spirit restored
He attended each ailment, no malady ignored
His healing comes with a guarantee
That’s good throughout eternity
So if you need an appointment make one today
And rest in perfection as Jesus has His way.

Annette M. Parrott