Need help remembering/teaching those science concepts?
Use Science Songs!!

The following songs are for my classroom use only. They are popular songs, with the lyrics changed to highlight Biological concepts. WIth one exception, the lyrics are my own. The karaokes are time PPT presentations, so depending on the speed of your computer, the timing may not work and you may need to insert some extra seconds throughout the song.

Science Karaoke Lyrics Only:

Science Karaoke PPTs:

Acid Rain (about acid rain to Purple Rain by Prince)
Cell #5 (about cell organelles to Mambo #5 by Lou Vega)
Cell Membrane (about cell membranes to Carwash by)
Cell Wall (about the cell wall to Brick House by Cameo)
Control (about experimental controls to
Control by Janet Jackson)
Goodtimes with Enzymes (about Enzymes to Goodtimes by Chic)
The Cell Will Survive (about Protein Synthesis to I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor)
It's Mitosis Time (about Mitosis, to Celebration Time by Kool and the Gang)
O Bacteria (about bacteria to O Susanna)
Oh My Fungi (about Fungi to Oh My Darlin' Clementine)
Photosynthesis (about photosynthesis to Copacobana by)
Rollercoaster of Genes (about heredity to
Rollercoaster of Love by)
Scientific Method (about sientific method to Brady Bunch theme)
What You Know (intro to Dr. P and her classes to
What You Know by T.I.)