Proverbs 31:10-31

A virtuous woman has value untold
More precious than diamonds, worth her weight in gold.

Her husband not only trusts her, but knows in her he will thrive
For she will do him right, all the days she is alive.

She actively pursues ways to add to his wealth
She’s a blessing to his mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

She seeks to please his tastes, and satisfy his desires
She feeds him balanced yet exotic meals, his natural and soul food supplier.

When the world slumbers she awakens, entering her closet to pray
Laying spiritual foundations, to guide her family through the day.

Working before dawn preparing her loved one’s nutritional needs,
Pulling weeds of doubt, planting seeds of faith, these her daily deeds.

She conducts her finances with wisdom—a shrewd businesswoman is she
Multiplying not only her assets, but also her husband’s property.

Her hands are never idle, she’s a Jane of all trades
Sowing, reaping, mending, hard work she never evades.

She’s mindful of her value and is not easily debased
Her tongue speaks life, not death, her conversation always chaste.

She’s prudent with her resources, yet generous with her love
She shares from her cup, overflowing, filled by her Father above.

For her loved ones nothing is too dear, she’ll go to every length
She’s not only a strong woman, but also a woman of strength.

Her power comes from the Lord, an infinite supply
She’s the favorite of her husband and children, the apple of their eyes.

Her beauty is her character; she will never pass her prime
Attractiveness beyond the flesh, which will not fade in time.

It’s not about the superficial, so don’t you believe that facade
A woman isn’t a “good woman�, until she’s a woman of God.

Dr. Annette M. Parrott