Changing Images

Lonely nights, even lonelier days
Vast ocean with only one wave
Thriving meadow but just one blade of grass
Happiness forever, that will never last
Parakeet in a cage surrounded by cats
A lock n the door which remains unlatched
Fish on a boat, fish cant swim
Looks at the water and must jump in
pearl in a clam, safe within
Lonelier than lonely, dimmer than dim
Single leaf on a tree dreading the fall
Doesn’t join the others, instead suffered snow sleet
and all
Bird with fine feathers, brighter than the rest
Killed for it’s plumage to make a human’s vest
Gopher with magnificent lair, infested with a snake
Damp dismal swamp, once a livid lucid lake
Dark dreary images crowded my mind until now that I am
Group of young children living gaily, having fun
Knowing none other than the warm shining sun
Only sand never rocks passing under their feet
Several horses on a merry-g-round
One wears a smile the others wear a frown
I owe my happiness all to you
Thank you for making my dreams come true.

December 8, 1987
Annette M. Grey