Dr. P's AP Biology
Fall 09
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Scientific Inquiry 8/11-8/15
Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium and just couldn't put it down?

What's the formula for water? -H-two-O What's the formula for an ice cube? -H-two-O-CUBED

The best chemists would definitely not be pet owners.
Their idea of a catalyst:
2 bags of cat litter
3 cans of cat food
1 can of flea powder
1 collar

Q: How do you get lean molecules?
A:Feed them titrations.

Q: And why does a white bear melt in water?
A: Because it's polar.

Two molecules meet while they are walking down the street.
One says to the other, "Are you all right?"
"No, I lost an electron!"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive!"
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Biochemistry 8/15-8/30
Cytology 9/7-9/21
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Cellular Biochemistry 9/15-10/7
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 10/7-10/30
Q:How do you tell the difference between boys and girls?
A: Take down their genes.
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Genetics 10/30-11/15
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Natural Selection 11/15-11/30
Q: How many evolutionists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Only one, but it takes eight million years.
Ecology 11/30-12/15
Final Exam Reviews


Final Exam Reviews



Anatomy Review Parts 1-5 

Anatomy Review Parts 1-10

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