Altar Ego.

the self,
especially distinct,
from the world
controls thought and behavior, or at least so we think.
Our sense of self-importance; conceit, full of stink
As we smell our own pride, our soul on the brink, to be eternally extinct

Alter ego,
Another side
of one's self-full pride
a second self, that abides, right beside the carnal self that's inside.
Sometimes denied the privilege of coming outside
Sometimes a friend or a confidante in whom you confide.

Constructed with the aim,
to release one from others' blame and self shame
An elevated place upon which sacrifices are lain
And then slain,
often in vain, unless in Jesus' name.

My Altar Ego.
Where I see myself through your spiritual view
My only purpose and identity is in you.
Daily I die and rise up anew.
For only your Word is just and true.
My will surrendered through immolation, as pure gold I'll come through
I pray my altar ego is pleasing to you.

Annette M. Parrott