All Was Taken

You took my legs so I couldn't stand
unless I leaned on You
You took my eyes so that I could not see
and needed You to guide me through
You took my ears so that all I could hear
was your voice when Your Spirit did speak
You took my arms that I thought were so strong
even though they were thoroughly weak
You took my mouth so that I couldn't shout
and tell anyone but You my woes
Nor could I eat any fleshly meat
and had to rely on Your sustenance to grow
You took my home so that I had to roam
no creature comforts to call mine
My only possession Your grace and Your love,
my only comforts, divine.
You took the distractions that kept me from You,
though I felt persecuted from all sides
Not till it was clear You were All that was keeping me,
could You be glorified
I thank you for this lesson I've learned
in spiritual reality
That all my possessions and accomplishment are for naught
unless You are keeping me.
My All in All, my Everything
My Breath my Blood my Life
Please help me to remember to rely on You
And not on my own might.
All was taken so that I could awaken
this lesson I'll learn and recall
Thank you Jesus, for your perfect supply
and being my All in All.

Annette M. Parrott