African American Scientist Project
Biology is the study of living things, and environmental science is the study of how humans interact with the environment and how the environment interacts with its self. Although not typically represented in most textbooks, African Americans have been leaders in science since the beginning of time. Research an African American or African scientist and present them on one 8"x11" sheet of paper. The report should be typed/word processed and include the following for full credit:
/5pts     the name of the African scientist in large font
/5pts     education or pertinent training that this person had that allowed them to be successful in this career and something about the family of this person
/10pts     the contributions of the scientist (tell in detail how this scientist contributed to biology or environmental science and why it's biology or environmental science, and why their contributions are important to humans no fewer than 10 sentences)
/5pts       color picture of the scientist/item related to their field of study
/5pts      Place your name and a bibliography on the back of your paper.
/5pts     ONE typed page
This project is worth 35 points
Name of African biologist due _____
1st Draft due _____
Final draft due _____
You must contact me as soon as you have chosen a career, as no two students may report on the same career. Some places to look for information are: your textbook, counseling office, library and the internet and the following sites:
Faces of Science: African American Scientists
African American Scientists and Inventors
African American History: Inventors &  Scientists
African American Scientists Bibliography
African American Scientists and Engineers
African American Scientists Caught in the Web
Timeline for the History of Science (-Check here for minorities in Science History)