Brave young engineer, I fear,
that I have sorely underestimated your years.
In a shadow you've hidden, but the shadow's no more,
Bask in the sun, let it warm and soothe your sores.
Where've you been that I have failed to see,
Your brilliance, your hope, your refreshing harmony?
You have your own battles, yet you've fought by my side,
I still ponder your motives, pity, love, pride?
I see a depth reflected that takes me by surprise,
There's more to you visage than Casanova eyes.
Your charming disposition hath quieted many a rage,
Sweetening like sugar, softening like sage.
Could it be that you doubt the power that is yours,
to scale your own mountains to create your own doors
You sell yourself short, willing to succumb
to dreams that aren't yours to being a fulfilling son
But your future is quite infinite, independent of your past
Take the lead, the baton is yours, Run assuredly, Run fast.
Don't even allow a scornful glance to cause you to be quelled
You're an enchanted Prince a kingdom pending
only you can break--or cast--the spell.
And if I may be so presumptuous as to offer you Aafat, myself.
To contribute love, support, direction to add to your accumulating wealth.
I hope you've realized how incredible I think you are as this tribute you read,
And that you'll let me be a sister, brother in any way you need.

-Annette M. Grey
December 7-8, 1992