Science Under the Stars
Parent Involvement = Student Success

       Lakeside High School
       3801 Briarcliff Rd, NE
       Atlanta, GA 30345
       Room 231 & 209A

       Dear Mom, Dad, or Concerned Family Member,

Salutations! We are very excited that we have your child in one of our biology classes. We realize that you
have entrusted your most precious possession, your child to our care.

We would like to help you to help your child do well in ALL their classes. So we are inviting you to
"Science Under the Stars". Mrs. Davis and Dr. Parrott are planning 4 evenings per semester of food, fun
and study skills for parent-student teams. Our tentative dates posted on the
parent webpage, from
5:30-7pm in the Media Center  at LHS. All students are invited to participate with their parents or other
responsible family member over 21 years of age.

Each session has a different skill for mastery. We will focus on how students can effectively take and
review notes, using graphic organizers, how to study for tests and quizzes, how to do well on
End of
Course Tests and the Georgia High School Graduation Test and how parents can help their children
accomplish these goals. The sessions will be informal but informative, useful and fun.

For those students who attend with their parents, and struggle with course grades under 80%, we will
offer 10 extra credit points for each session
completed, which is equal to 1 point on their FINAL
semester biology grade. We hope that this will help to encourage you and them to participate in this
wonderful opportunity.

Several studies have found that parental involvement is more important to student success, at every grade
level, than family income or education*. With your help, we can make a difference, and help our students
to reach the stars!

Please RSVP and let us know if we should expect you and your child on January 28th.

With Much Excitement,

   Mrs. Deborah Davis                           &                 Dr. Annette M. Parrott
Special Education Educator                                    Science Educator

*Education World. Retrieved January 7th, 2004.