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Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (BIOL1612L) Syllabus Fall 09

DNA to Disorder Poster Presentation Resources:
Genetic Disorder Information on the Web                                         •List of Single Gene disorders
• Medline Plus Genetic Disorders                                                         •Single Gene Defects  
• MayoClinic                                                                                          •     
• Textbook in Medical Physiology And Pathophysiology
Sickle Cell PPT
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Human Anatomy & Physiology II Powerpoint Lecture Notes & Supplements:

Endocrine System PPT: Chapter 16 Part 1
Endocrine System: Chapter 16 Part 2
Endocrine Web                                                                     Hormone Action Videos                               Mechanism of Thyroxine Action
Endocrine System Topics                                                      Signal Transduction Pathways                    Glucose Song             
Insulin & Glucose Regulation                                                 Endocrine Intro Study Guide
Quiz for Endocrine & Reproductive System                           Endocrine Flow Charts  
Summary of Pituitary System                                                 Mechanism of Steroid Action 

Blood PPT: Chapter 17
White Blood Cell Tutorial                                                      Hemostasis Animation
Blood Typing Game                                                              APII Test1 Guided Study

Cardiovascular System: The Heart  Chapter 18 Part 1
Cardiovascular System: The Heart  Chapter 18 Part 2
NOVA:The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease                         Heart Sounds & Cardiac Arrhythmias          Test Yourself Interior Anatomy
ECG Game                                                                          HyperHeart                                                   Heart Intro Study Guide
The Anatomy of the Heart                                                    Cardiac Cycles Tutorial   
Cardiac Cycle Animation                                                       Heart Attack
Habits of the Heart                                                                Arrythmias  

Cardiovascular System: The Vessels Chapter 19
Cardiovascular Concepts (& Clinical Disorders)                  Understanding Cardiovascular Disease        How a Heart Attack Occurs
Blood Vessels Intro Study Guide                                   APII Test 2 Guided Study

Lymphatic System: Chapter 20
Lymphomations.org                                                               Lymph System Anatomy Practice                 Lymphatic System Review & Quiz
Lymph Node Tutorial                                                             Lymphatic Capillaries
Internal Spleen                                                                      What is the lymphatic system?

Immune System: Chapter 21
Nonspecific Inflammatory Response                                      Cells & Organs of the Immune System        Cytotoxic T-Cell Activity   
Immunology Problem Set                                                       Allergies Notes                                            Antigen Presenting & T-Helper Cells
Nonspecific Inflammatory Response                                      Leukocyte Extravasation                             Monoclonal Antibody Production
IgE Mediated Hypersensitivity                                                Chemotaxis of Neutrophils                          Teach Yourself Immunology in 24 hours

Respiratory System: Chapter 22
Airflow Tutorial                                                                       Respiratory System Intro Guide              Effect of Pollution on the Lungs
Body Smart                                                                           APII Test 3 Guided Study
Respiratory Basics                                                                 Airflow in Mammals
Fundamentals of Respirology                                                Changes in the Partial Pressure of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

Digestive System: Chapter 23
Phases of Gastric Secretion                                                  Digestion & Absorption of Fats                     Digestive System Anatomy  
Action of Epinerphine in a Liver Cell                                      Human Digestive System                              H. pylori in the Stomach 
Digestive System Intro Study Guide (very long)             

Nutrition, Metabolism and Body Temperature Regulation: Chapter 24
Control, Regulation & Feedback                                           Fate of Fat                                                    Metabolism Quiz
Gluconeogenesis                                                                  Relationship to Nutrient Needs & Age Interactive
Metabolic Pathways                                                               Oxidative Phosphorylation                            Study Stack    
B Vitamins as CoEnzymes                                                     Alternative Energy Sources                           Lipoproteins Classified
Cholesterol                                                                            Oxidative Phosphorylation Club                     APII Test 4 Guided Study

Urinary System: Chapter 25
Urine Concentration: 3 Essential Steps                                 Kidney Function Tutorial                            The Mammalian Kindey
Single Gene Disorders Affecting the Kidney                         Counter Current Loop of Henle                    UTI
Haemodialysis       Peritoneal Dialysis                                   Kidney Vascular System                              Kidney Anatomy
How Kidneys Work                                                                Anatomy Review Worksheet                        Early Filtrate Processing WS                      Glomerular Filtration WS                                                        Late Filtrate Processing WS

Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance:  Chapter 26
Acid-Base Balance for Nurses   Part 2                                 Clinical Correlates of pH Levels Quiz              Acid-Base Imbalances   
Alterations of Fluid Balance                                                 Fluid & Electrolytes                                               

Reproductive System: Chapter 27
NOVA: Life's Greatest Miracle                                              Ovarian & Uterine Cycles Animations              How the Pill Works
Spermatogenesis                                                                 18 Ways to Make a Baby                                 Male Lactation   ML2
The Science of Sex Appeal   

Pregnancy and Human Development: Chapter 28
Human Embryonic Stem Cells                                              Embryology Homepage                                     Obstetric & Newborn Care
Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 1-37                                            Delivery                                                             C-Section Delivery
In the Womb                                                         

Heredity: Chapter 29
Mendelial Problem Sets & Tutorials                                   DNA From the Beginning                                  Essentials of Genetics Text  
Genetics Quiz                                                                      Punnett Square Practice                                  APII Test 5 Guided Study

Human Anatomy & Physiology II Textbook Resources:
Online Course Companion 5th Edition

Marieb 7th Edition         

Human Anatomy & Physiology II Online Resources:
•McGraw Hill Essential Study Partner                                                     •Holes's Human Anatomy & Physiology Online Textbook  
•Human Biodyssey Tutorials                                                                   •Marieb Activities Index  
•The Inner Body
•Get Body Smart Tutorials

Medical Resources:
•Medline Plus Medical Dictionary                                                          •Discovery Health Videos
•Medical Mneumonics
A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine

Bizzare Anatomy: (feel free to suggest a link)
Bizzare Anatomy    
•Weird, Freaky & True    
Born with 2 Heads  
BIOL1612 Spring 09